“That’s The Breaks”



Doug Schwarzwalder: Drums, Percussion & Vocals

Pete Perez:  Latin Percussion & Vocals

That’s The Breaks is a collaborative effort writing original music and covers.  Matt does most of the writing and gives direction to the different grooves laid down.  The goal is to make ppl get out of their seat and dance!!

Matt has always been a  fan of 70’s funk and modern electronic music, but also loves singing.  With The Hybrid 7-string guitar, Matt is a able to fill the low end and high that typically would be played by two ppl and then adds soulful vocal melodies to tie it all together.

Without Doug and Pete, it wouldn’t be “That’s The Breaks.”  While Matt may have his  hand in much of the writing process, he admits, “sometimes you just need partners, simple as that”

We have been working really hard getting our music together and plan to have music available for download and videos to watch and listen.


Stay tuned!!  Videos and Music  are in the making! We should have a 5 song EP finished by mid-July!

Check us out on facebook.com/mattsteidlemusic

“That’s The Breaks” website is  in the making!

Thanks for stopping by!  Cheers!